ZOO CLOSURE NOTICE: Due to our annual Zoo To Do fundraiser event, the Wilds of Africa (including Giants of the Savanna) will be closed on Saturday, Nov. 4. Zoo North will be open to guests. Because of the closure, Zoo admission on Saturday, Nov. 4 will be just $5. We're so sorry for an inconvenience!
Entry Plaza & ZooNorth :: Koala Walkabout presented by Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Koala Walkabout presented by Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Meet the only koalas in Texas – Gummy and Tekin – plus emus, kangaroos, wallabies, lorikeets, and kookaburras!

KoalaThe Dallas Zoo’s “Outback” in ZooNorth features koalas, lorikeets, and kookaburras, stars of the new Koala Walkabout, presented by Kimberly-Clark Corporation. Located next to the kangaroo, wallaby, and emu habitat at the end of Primate Place, Koala Walkabout is home to Gummy and Tekin, the only koalas in Texas.  Gummy and Tekin, both males, came to Dallas on loan from the San Diego Zoo. They spend most of their time, as do koalas in the wild, dozing in a eucalyptus tree. Guests can view them through glass windows that surround their climate-controlled exhibit. The Dallas Zoo is one of only 10 zoos in the country with a koala exhibit.

IMG_1204 Lorikeets CS 300pxAcross from the koala habitat, guests can visit Lorikeet Landing and feed these Australasian parrots a cup of nectar. The rainbow lorikeets include the Swainson’s, Edward’s, and green-naped subspecies. Guests also will find dusky lories, which are larger than the lorikeets and have shorter tails. Lorikeets and lories are both members of the parrot family. They are characterized by thick, brush-like tongues that are ideal for lapping up the liquid nectar in flowers. Outside the aviary, guests can purchase a cup of nectar to feed the lorikeets and lories for $1. The friendly, hand-raised birds will sit on guests’ arms or hands and lap the nectar from the cup.

KookaburasDon’t miss the new kookaburras in front of the kangaroo, wallaby, and emu habitat. Named for the raucous laughing noise they make, the laughing kookaburras are members of the kingfisher family and are found in the same type of bush land and wooded habitats as koalas.